Quickly deploy your application around the world while also being protected.


Simple, Fast, and Protected.

We have easy to use control panel to control your services at your fingertips! All while we protect you at the same time and providing rapid responses

DDoS Protection
DDoS Protected

We detect malicious traffic 24/7 to prevent any bad actors from causing harm to your website, filtering every packet and traffic through our sensors to detect and mitigate, within seconds!

Blazing Speeds

All of our nodes are shipping with an uplink of higher than 500 Mb/s; all servers are automatically DDoS protected no matter the plan!

Dedicated Support

We have support agents standing by for any questions or issues via LiveChat, Discord, and Email.

Service Migration
Hosting Migration

If you switch to us from another hosting provider, we can transfer your files to you free of charge.

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Spend more time coding!

We manage our infrastructures, so you don't have to worry about servers going down or hardware failures, and with fast provision time, with less than 30 seconds! Once you place an order, expect it to arrive within minutes. Backed by many communities and companies, we offer quality hardware and top-notch specs.

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What can we offer you?

We know that time is crucial to running a business. We keep your service running, so you do not have to keep changing hosting providers or contacting support. Try out our services today. We promise you will not regret it!

Fast & Helpful Support

We are always here to help and answer questions across multiple platforms.

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Datacenter Locations

Reach your customer base all around the globe, with low latency and reliable uptime for your services!

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